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Wedding Coordinators

If you are looking for a Wedding Coordinator to help ensure a smooth flow of the wedding for you and your guests Wedding Matters are able to provide bespoke wedding coordination services.

Who uses a Wedding Coordinator?

Wedding Matters often receive enquiries from brides and grooms who contact us right up until the week before their wedding to consult and book a Wedding Coordinator to assist final preparations or simply be there on the wedding day.

What does a Wedding Coordinator do?

On your wedding day a professional Wedding Coordinator is responsible for ensuring coordination of events on the day, management of supplier deliveries and the flow of guests, and can assist with your instruction on the design and décor of the wedding ceremony and reception venues.


Why Your Should Choose Plan A Wedding

Plan A Wedding has been set up to realize the joint desire of its directors who share a passion for providing engaged couples the advantage of professional wedding planning, practice and understanding they have developed during the past fifteen years in the hospitality and events industry.

Why use a Wedding Coordinator for Wedding Itinerary planning?

Benefits of using an experienced Wedding Coordinator to prepare your wedding itinerary include:

  • The ability to delegate responsibility of coordination of the wedding
  • Your wedding coordinator to get an understanding of your expectations on the day
  • You can use your wedding coordinator's experience of working with wedding venues and suppliers to troubleshoot and prevent potential timing clashes
  • Wedding Itineraries provide clear timing guides for the venue and facilitate management of the ‘back of house' services i.e. when food is served
  • Wedding Suppliers can be managed by your wedding coordinator who will manage deliveries for you and ensure the wedding ceremony and reception venues are decorated as you expect.
  • A wedding itinerary alerts you if a supplier is late or missing.  Where possible contingency plans can be implemented.

 A good wedding itinerary manages the flow of your guests ensuring they enjoy all aspects of the day and don't go away remembering a poorly organised day where they may have spent prolonged periods waiting for their meal or experience boredom where the ambience has been allowed to wane.

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